How to properly dispose of a car?

If there’s no use for your car anymore, there are many ways you can dispose of it. You can’t leave it on the side of the road. So, how to properly dispose of a car?

There are options that are better for the environment, but it’s up to you whether to go for it or not. Moreover, there are other options that offer Cash for Junk Cars Chicago. Thus, here are some popular methods of disposal.

Car Donation

This might be the most used option. And it does have some benefits. You get to help a charity and they take care of everything. They will sell the car and use the earnings for charity. The other benefit is that because of your donation, you can get a tax deduction. This means you can get something off of your taxes.
In case your car still runs, you can donate it anyway. Even some part cars may have a certain value, so take that into consideration. Also, remember to always do research on the organization you want to donate to.

Auto Recycling

The green option is to recycle your car. Millions of barrels of oil can be saved by recycling cars or car parts. Some parts like steel and engines can be reused. You only have to make sure to go to an environmentally friendly yard to do this

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