How to get rid of a car without a title

Many of the junk car companies will not accept an untitled car.  This is more for security purposes. To protect their backs the companies need you to back up the information that the car belongs to you. Actually, in some cases, not having a title should not be a problem. If the owner has his driver’s license and a copy of his registration, he/she should be able to dispose of the  junk vehicle. With a copy of your registration, you should be able to get the information on your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles website. This way get the car titles you need.

So, a lost or missing car title should not prevent you from disposing of your car. Follow these instructions and you will have no reason to worry. Things you will need. Continue reading and we will give you key steps to take how to get rid of a car without a title.

You will most likely need:

Lack of a vehicle title does not affect our ability to make you a cash offer. Always the highest possible for your car, truck or van. In the absence of your title and/or registration you need our expert vehicle appraisal specialists. The idea is to help you ensure a smooth and efficient transaction.

Few things to do

It may seem like a tedious task, but if you want to sell your car, you will need to take some important steps:

1. Look at the vehicle registration and see if you are the sole owner.

2. Go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. Obtain a “Duplicate Title Application”. Fill out the information on your record, and include your mileage. There is also a section to transfer the property that must be completed by both parties.

3. Get rid of your car. If you are selling or donating the car without title within your home state, forms, plus a copy of your registration, is all that is normally needed by the new owner to transfer the car into their name.

4. Protect yourself. If you sell or donate the car, be sure to get a “Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability” form and fill it out within five days of disposing of your car. This will prevent you from being liable for all tickets or violations that occur during the transfer of ownership being processed through the DMV. Registrations with lienholders, late fees or multiple owners.

5. Obtain a lien release. If you have purchased your car through a bank or credit union (and you do not owe the money), contact them directly by this form. Contact information can be found on a statement or by simply searching the Internet.

6. Pay any overdue tuition. Or, if the purchasing party is willing, deduct this from their acquisition cost. The process of disposing of an untitled car will be smoother and avoid DMV delays.

7. Everyone signs the paperwork. If your spouse or relative’s name is listed on the registry, you may have to fill out DMV forms with you to transfer the property to someone else.

8. Search online for cash for junk cars Chicago. Make sure you are working with a trust worthy company and do your research. With so many car buyers in Chicago it can be a hassle. We recommend you get at least 3 online quotes at cash for junk cars online quote generator.

Selling an untitled car seems to be difficult, but it is not.

Basically, the first step is to obtain a duplicate from the DMV website. Fortunately, you can download and fill out an “Application for Utah Duplicate Title”. You can also explore other options depending on your state of residence. For example, in some states you can title a vehicle that has been abandoned or has outstanding repair bills.  You may also choose to write a bill of sale. This is, of course, if the car is very old. A bill of sale can be adequate proof of ownership.

All this means that it is still possible to dispose of your old car without the title. So there is nothing to worry about. The professionals will help you through the entire process and come out on top.

Have additional questions on how to get rid of car without title?

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