Ready to get rid of your junk car? Visit us and receive cash for junk cars in North Riverside. We have many years serving all over the Chicago area, our principle is quality service. We strive to pay the max amount for your junk car.  

We’ll do everything for you from finding a junkyard to towing your car and we pay cash on the spot. All you’ve to do is fill our online form or Call Us: 773-946-1334 Schedule a time for pickup Our towing team will come to your property to pick up the car. Get paid in cash on the spot.



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  2. No paperwork for you. We do it all for you.
  3. Free towing. You don’t have to push the car at all. Leave it all to us
  4. Sell your junk car. It is important that you know we have great rates.
  5.  No Title? Do not worry, we pay cash for junk cars with no title
  6. We are ECO-Friendly. The way we recycle is done in a way to help the environment.
  7. If the vehicle has any hazardous materials we always separate them.
  8. Any remainders are put to use in other products.
  9. By recycling your car we are actually making new stuff with old stuff. It is a great way to help the Planet.
  10. Amazing customer service! You are our priority. 

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We Buy Junk Cars Chicago

Get rid of your vehicle fast and easy

In Riverside IL Cash For Junk has been an easy task, we have made possible that users can now get rid of their junk fast and easily. We buy all makes and models of running or broken cars, vans or trucks. Unlike others, we can handle all makes and models of vehicles, running or not, domestic or foreign.
When you’re dealing with a vehicle that isn’t worth the space in your home, it’s time to do something about it. Most don’t have the time or energy to go through all the process of getting rid of it. This is why We Buy Junk Cars Chicago can help. You need a junk car buyer that can handle the entire process for you, starting with a pickup. That’s our cue. We can help make the process easier. Trus us to get rid of your vehicle for you and earn extra cash.


We are professional and certified junk car dealers in Chicago. We know everything about disposing of a car and making something new out of it. And also, helping you make something out of it too. 


I never thought I was going to be able to sell my junk car, but I did! The process was so fast! Kind of hope I had more junk cars now.
Gabe Matthews
I was quite sad when I learned my car was totalled but Junk for Cash got my hopes up again when I sold it.
Issaac Michaels
Amazing service! I didn't have to do any paperwork at all. They took care of everything for me.
Jeremy Hesley

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a scrap car price and a junk car price?

The scrap car price mostly depends on the metal's weight. But junk car recyclers also take into consideration car parts, and the make and model of your vehicle. And, of course, the vehicle's condition. We'll take a look at your vehicle to determine its value and offer you the best price.

What will happen to my vehicle after I sell it to you?

It will be either be scrapped or disassembled for parts depending on the condition of your vehicle. In case it has minor damage, our experts will repair it before they sell it. You can trust our experienced buyers. We also offer enviromentally friendly methods of disposal.

What do I have to do to get my car towed today?

Take our offer! Once you get a quote and schedule the pickup date, our tow truck drivers will meet you to tow your car with no problem. A same-day pickup will ultimately depend on how busy the day is. But we can assure you that no matter your situation, we'll do our best to be there for you. To complete a sale, you only have to give us your keys and the signed tittle for your vehicle. After that, our tow truck driver will immediately pay you.

Will I still get an offer if my junk car doesn't drive?

Yes! We do buy non-running vehicles. If you have a broken car, it doesn't really matter. Remember that in order to get the most accurate offer for your vehicle, try to describe it as accurately as possible. Don't forget to mention the engine system and any other important information. This will be very useful for us and you when pricing out your car.

If my junk car is missing parts, will you still buy it?

It is possible to get a good price for your car depending on which parts are the ones missing. For examples, vehicles missing the transmission or engine aren't in for a good deal. But you can still make money from some of your car parts. Thus, don't worry. We can make you a good offert even if your vehicle has some missing parts or engine problems.