Can I Still Get Cash For My Old Car If I Don’t Have a Title Cicero?

You probably have a junk car in your garage or somewhere on your property that you want to sell.  What happens is that you do not know where the title of the vehicle is. That’s why today we’re trying to answer the question: Can I Still Get Cash for My Old Car if I Don’t Have a Title Cicero?

Can I Still Get Cash for My Old Car if I Don’t Have a Title Cicero?

When it comes to selling or transferring a vehicle, in most states you need the title of the car for the new owner. The truth is that the sale would not be legal if you cannot transfer the title.

Why is the Title so important?

The title to a car is the legal proof that you are the owner of the vehicle. It also documents the history of the vehicle, previous owners, damages caused, when you became the owner, etc. Also, the title gives you the right to sell it.

However, despite the importance of the vehicle’s title, not everyone can get one. Perhaps the bank still owns the vehicle, or it is an inherited car. The good news is that this does not mean that you cannot sell the vehicle. It simply means that you have additional obstacles to overcome.

Don’t Worry

A lost title is not the end of the world. Most of the time a phone call is enough to try to find the title before selling it. You can request a duplicate title. The process varies significantly depending on the rules of each local department. But it is actually simple to obtain.

Lost Title

You can register your title as lost. You can go to the appropriate local office and request and register your title as lost. You can do this process online.

We Buy Junk Cars Cicero

Here begins the good news! It turns out that the easiest way to dispose of an untitled car is to ask your local junk dealer whether or not they accept untitled cars. A salvage yard can accept the offer as long as you prove to be the owner. For example, you can provide proof of registration and your license. Then you can easily get Cash for junk Cars Cicero.

The salvage yard can remove your car but will also provide you with a complete list of documents needed to process the sale legally. It will be sure to advise you at all times.

So, if you want to Sell Junk cars Cicero, but can’t find your title and can’t request a duplicate, you can use a sales invoice.  Just need to provide the correct paper requested by  the salvage yard in Chicago. In the meanwhile, don’t forget to check What should you know before selling an old car for scrap metal?